Build purposeful leadership by creating meaningful brand connections, resulting in sustainable growth.

  • Building Trust-based Relationships

    A brand journey that defines vision and refines purpose, resulting in new sustainable trust-based relationships.

Building Future-Proof Strong Brands

Build-Bridge-Bond® is a management methodology to build strong brands and sustainable brand relations.
Companies that invest in people and brands do not only have higher returns on investment, but
are also more successful in attaining their company's goals, both internal and external.
They understand that sustainable brand management leads to stronger
valuable customer relationships and a higher brand equity.
The Build Bridge Bond®-methodology can help you achieving brand leadership.

Building A Sustainable Brand

'A sustainable brand is a brand that shares values and connects people, and has a future-focus on long-term goals. It is a meaningful, authentic, guiding, and connecting ‘anchor of trust’ based on sustainable growth with which all stakeholders can identify.' Discover why building meaningful and sustainable brand relations play a crucial role in organizations.
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Bonding with Trust & Leadership

Our decision making is primarily based on (sub- conscious) automatic behaviour. This behaviour is stronger when it connects to what we already know. The methodology therefore not only provides insights into our emotions, motivations and decision-making processes, but also shows how to build trust, the essence of successful brand leadership - leading to stronger brand relationships.
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Education, Consultancy & Lectures

Get result driven brand knowledge from a strategic and sustainable perspective. Erik Schoppen, MFA, is the inventor of the Build-Bridge-Bond®-methodology and gives lectures about brand management and sustainable brand leadership. Gain knowledge and fresh insights, presented with inspiring examples, tips, tools, and ideas, clearly and concisely condensed.
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'All efforts should lead to the most important: building trust. The essence of (brand) leadership.'   Erik Schoppen, Inventor BBB-method an co-author Strategic Brand Management (BNL)