• 'eye-opener'

    'A substantive insight in the world of brand management and how we perceive and store brands in the brain.
    J. Buitenhuis Ph.D, Researcher UMCG.

  • Discover the Principles of (Brand)Leadership

    A brand journey that defines vision and refines purpose, resulting in new sustainable trust-based relationships.

Building Strong Brands and Sustainable Brand Relations

More and more companies are realising that strategic brand management has become an indispensable component in developing a successful business and product strategy. Companies that invest in their employees, their customers and their brands achieve higher returns and are more successful in reaching company goals. They understand that brand leadership can lead to a more positive brand image, stronger brand relationships (brand loyalty) and a higher brand value (brand equity). Brand management is an extension and intensification for every professional dealing with company processes in which brands and brand relations play a role.

Discover the Principles of (Brand)Leadership

Participants not only gain knowledge on brand strategy and leadership, (corporate and product) positioning and brand portfolio management at the strategic level, but also gain insight into the perception, memory systems and decision-making processes of the consumer. They understand how interaction (brand dialogue) between brand and customer is established and how this knowledge can be used to strengthen brand relationships, with the appropriate use of instrumental resources. How to create brand superiority in the mind of the consumer through the right brand associations, built by relevant and meaningful brand experiences.


Introduction about brands, the human brain & behavior
- Perception, cognition (memory), behaviour (decision-making)
Creating, building and managing brands (brand strategy)
- Brand identity, architecture, types, assets, brand awareness
Brand positioning & (Brand & Customer) Experience
- Mental brand identity, positioning, brand perception
Loyalty, Engagement and Involvement (brand Image)
- Brand relations, brand loyalty, reputation management
Discover the four principles of (brand) leadership
- Reason to Be, to Believe, to Act and to Trust


Very educational, sometimes provoking, sometimes entertaining, but overall very relevant and to the point.' 'The most intriguing lectures that I've seen in years.' 'Very inspiring and informative.' 'Knowledge is transferred in a very visual way.' 'Practical examples and applicable advice.' 'A real eye-opener. Some lectures require energy, this gives energy.' 'I gained more insight how to achieve sustainable and meaningful leadership.'

Courses / Consultancy

The duration of the course determines the degree of expansion and intensification of the subject. If you would like to attend the course with more people from your organisation, there is the possibility of Incompany Training (or organise the course in a different location). The day of the course is not only educational, but is also meant to gain strategic insights into the (brand) direction of the company and how to communicate this.
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Gain insights with the BBB-workmatrix

During the course we will be working with the BBB working sheet. This sheet can be viewed as an internal vision document, which holds the results of the lecture and course. This document can be used for internal purposes (such as fine-tuning to corporate vision, mission, corporate culture) and as a starting point for internal and external communication, brand building, brand management and marketing purposes.
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Fresh ideas / New inspiration

Get result driven brand knowledge from a strategic and sustainable perspective. Dicover the main principles of successful (brand) leadership. Erik Schoppen is the creator of the Build-Bridge-Bond®-methodology and gives lectures about brand management and sustainable brand leadership. Gain knowledge and fresh insights, clearly and concisely presented, with hands-on tips, ready-to-use tools, and inspiring ideas.
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The Impact of Brands on People, Markets and Society
Build Bridge Bond Method (2017)

This reader will be provided in print and pdf as course material.
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Dutch: Book Strategisch merkenmanagement (2015)

strategisch Merkenmanagement Erik Schoppen The methodology is published in Strategisch Merkenmanagement, 4th edition. Chapter 6 is fully dedicated to the BBB-method. The book is about building brands and creating brand equity, and what organizations need to know and do to manage brands succesfully. In 2015 the book is actualized with new psychological and sociological insights with regard to consumer behavior and sustainable brand leadership.
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The courses are lectured by H.S. (Erik) Schoppen MFA. As a brand management consultant and author he offers the most actual insights and uses in the field of cognition, (brand)perception and experience, brand management and sustainable brand leadership. As a lecturer and speaker he built up a reputation for his strong performances, inspiring people and organizations with his clear vision of a sustainable future economy. In his lectures he combines insights in the field of psychology, neurology (perception, cognition and behavior), brand management, sustainable trust development and leadership (CSR). He is founder of Miazo, an award winning brand research and consultancy agency, and is co-author of the brand bestseller Strategic Brand Management (Benelux Edition). He lectures Neuroscience, Brand Psychology, Brand & Design Management at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, University of Groningen, and several other acknowledged institutes. He developed the Build-Bridge-Bond® methodology for sustainable brand leadership, applicable for strategic brand and design management issues in which brand perception, brand experience and brand interaction play a role. At the moment he is doing his Ph.D. research on Sustainable (Brand) Trust at the University of Groningen (Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences).
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'In the real and virtual world we build brands. But only in the brain we can build trust.
Therefore, the best place to invest.'
Erik Schoppen